Brütal Legend cranks it up to 11, new screens that is

Tim Schafer and the award-winning team at Double Fine are haulin’ ass towards the September release of their heavy metal masterpiece, Brütal Legend, if these shiny new screens are any indication. Hit up the gallery for 11 new screens of roadie turned time-travelling warrior Eddie Riggs, played by Jack Black. And hit the jump to find out what other heavy metal icon is adding their thrash-tastic talents to the game.


Let us direct your attention to this seemingly innocuous screenshot – though there’s been no official announcement from Double Fine or EA, we feel pretty confident revealing the identity of the heavy metal icon clearly pictured below.

It’s obviously Dave Mustaine, the ginger-haired singer and guitarist for Megadeth, and one time member of seminal heavy metal outfit Metallica!

Nice try, Double Fine, but you’re not sneaking anything past our eagle-eyed Adam Sandberg. Now to sit back and wait for the official announcement…