The ostrich hammer is real, no word on penguin screw drivers

April Fools jokes are usually best left behind and forgotten after April 2 hits. For the most part they’re either funny, dumb or annoying and not something you truly want to have around. However, Volition made one that actually sounded like fun when they said they’d be delivering an Ostrich Hammer in Red Faction: Guerrilla. But Volition already knew that, and thus the Ostrich Hammer is actually in the game. It takes a true genius to realize the potential of flightless birds as a weapon.

Volition says that this is just the kick-off to their mutliplayer information flood. I’m not sure who taught them PR, but it’s an old rule that you never begin with a flightless bird. You start off with something small, like an African Sparrow then move on to the large flightless birds. This PR 101 guys. Sadly, Luke did not get to see the Ostrich Hammer when he had some time with the game.