Nihilistic knows there’s never enough zombies

Developer Nihilistic will be jumping into the recent zombie fanaticism by offering Zombie Apocalypse for Xbox LIVE Arcade and PSN in the second quarter of this year. The twin stick shooter entails four survivors attempting to survive the undead apocalypse for as many days as possible, 55 days total, using anything from a chainsaw to a flamethrower to quell the decaying antagonists. The living may be scarce during such dark days of undead rule, but if you can find a friend to weather the storm with you’ll both be able to play offline and online cooperatively. You’ll be able to trek through seven different environments and slay your everyday run-of-the-mill zombie in seven different game modes, none of which have not been named yet. Because this zombie game is coming on the heels of some great games before it, such as Left 4 Dead and Burn Zombie Burn!, one has to wonder if maybe gamers are tired of zombie games yet. Uh, can I get a hell no?