Reggie says E3 will not suck

I was at Nintendo’ press conference last year. It was abysmal. I kept sitting there waiting for them to drop the big blow, that thing that was going to make me stand up and remember why I’d loved Nintendo for so long. It never came. As such it concerns me a little that we know so little about Nintendo’s plans for the rest of the year. Sure we’ve got Sin and Punishment 2 coming our way at some point, but really there’s not much going on past May.

Reggie says that all our questions will be answered at E3, since he wasn’t answering any of them at GDC. “What I can tell you is, it’s coming. That’s what E3 is for. We’ll be showcasing the back-half of the marketing calender and all of the content that we’ll be launching at that point. What I can tell you is be there. We’ll have some great content to share,” he said while be interviewed at GDC.

If Reggie is already starting to hype up E3 he better be able to deliver. Hopefully his idea of what hardcore is has changed since last year and when he talks about “great content” he’s talking about things that us gamers want to see. If that doesn’t happen there may be a riot.