Namco Bandai reveals Tales of lineup

Looks like Namco Bandai’s rampant copyrighting of every phrase in the world beginning with “Tales of” is starting to show some fruit. They have announced three upcoming games in Japan’s Jump Magazine 3. First up is a PS3 port of the stellar Tales of Vesperia for Xbox 360, probably to offset its undeservedly disappointing sales. Seriously, it’s one of the best Tales games out there.

Next is Tales of VS for the PSP, a fighting game collecting characters from the series’ long and storied past. It’s kind of like Dissidia… except more fitting, because the Tales battle system is already a fighting game engine more or less. And last, the tenth “flagship” entry in the Tales series for the Wii finally has a name, Tales of Gracia… or Graces, depending on how you’d like to translate it.

Hopefully these games, along with Final Fantasy 13, can help with the sort of false start JRPGs are experiencing this generation. I mean, they were the toast of the town on PS2!