Sony disses the DSi: PSP is like, um, way better and stuff

So you may have heard that Nintendo released the DSi today. Not to be outdone, Sony released something as well: an official PR diss of the popular new portable. Courtesy of Wired, we’ve included the full text below. As you’re reading, try pretending that the first two sentences aren’t really there — voila, it turns into a reasonable press release.

“If Nintendo is really committed to reaching a broader, more diverse audience of gamers beyond the “kids” market that they’ve always engaged, there isn’t much new with the DSi to support that. Significant gamer demographic groups are being ignored, and there continues to be limited opportunities for games from external publishers to do well on the DSi. Compare that with the PSP platform, where we have many blockbuster franchises from our publishing partners launching this year, representing a wide variety of genres and targeting diverse demographics. Games such as Rock Band Unplugged from MTV Games, Assassin’s Creed from Ubisoft, Dissidia Final Fantasy from Square Enix, and Hannah Montana from Disney demonstrate the commitment that publishers have to the PSP. From our own first-party studios, we’re launching unique versions of LittleBigPlanet and MotorStorm, and we’re also planning a steady stream of downloadable games — both new titles and PSone classics — to add to the content that PSP owners can already purchase wirelessly through PlayStation Store.”

– John Koller, Director of Hardware Marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment America.