Gran Turismo may be racing onto other platforms

If there is one franchise still solidly synonymous with Sony it is Metal Gear Solid, but if there are two franchises solidly synonymous with Sony then they are Metal Gear Solid and Grand Turismo. The latter is mostly because Sony develops the damn game so of course it won’t be showing up on any other systems. So when John Koller, SCEA’s marketing head, says that the franchise will “continue on as many platforms as possible,” know that it is not possible for it to show up on the 360 or the Wii. No, this mostly pertains to PC gamers who have already poured hundreds of dollars into their PC and thus can’t afford a PS3.

Speaking at GDC Koller said that Sony is looking at “GT5 across all platforms, just to see what makes the most sense.” This is backed up by reports that Polyphony has already said that the game will be returning to the PC. So what about it PC gamers, has Gran Turismo‘s years of shun made you bitter or are you still interested in it?