Minions are really tiny

Let’s say you want to show off your new DS game to the world in a catchy video. Do you a) show of one screen nice and big, b) switch between the two screens so they’re both nice and big, c) show both screens in a way that they’re big enough to see or d) make the screens really small? The answer is all of the above except for d), which, unfortunately, is how Codemasters chose to show off Overlord Minions. Can anyone tell what is going on other than the very clearly all-touch-screen, Zelda inspired controls?

The game, which is landing in June, is going to be a puzzle action affair in which players take control of five minions from the Overlord universe. Clearly using each minion’s powers will be the way to get through levels, which is always a fun tactic, but still has never been done better than in Lost Vikings. If one could tell what was going on in the vids a bit better it probably would look like a blast, especially with series writer Rhianna Pratchett penning the game.