Resident Evil 5 versus mode is coming

Last night my friend and I finally, finally got some co-op multiplayer Resident Evil 5 going on, and it was a blast. I forgot how much I loved the control scheme and the ability to pop a cap in someones head and have it explode. That being said I have no clue how a multiplayer shoot out mode is going to work, but it’s coming tomorrow in the form of DLC. It’ll cost you money, but as we’ve argued before, the RE5 disc is so crammed with content you can hardly balk at that.

Arguments over the price we pay for content aside, I’m not sure how this is all going to work. I get the point mode where players compete against each other to score points by killing Manjinis — that makes sense. It’s Survivor Mode I don’t get. Shooting other people who aren’t charging right at you requires movement when shooting. Now as stated above, I love the standing still shooting controls, but in multiplayer I just don’t know how it will work. We’ll just have to wait a day and see. I’d love to observe a multiplayer match though; four guys standing in place shooting at each other would be priceless.