‘See the Future’ of Fable II, with new DLC in May

Lionhead have announced the second batch of downloadable content for Fable II is on its way to Xbox LIVE next month. Available for 560 Microsoft Points, ‘See the Future’ looks to be a reasonably meaty affair, bringing with it a whole bunch of new quests, items, characters, creatures, outfits, potions and rewards. And just to top things off, there’s a new battle arena too.

Murgo the Trader is back, and the fella that sold you the music box at the start of Fable II has found himself in possession of three more mysterious items. Your quest to lift their curse leads you to the salvation of a ghost city trapped in a snow globe, tests your combat skills in The Colosseum, makes you dress as a Balverine or a Hobbe to help a cursed knight escape his fate, all building to the ultimate reward: a quest that provides a vision of Albion’s future and what lies ahead for those born into the heroic bloodline.

In addition, ‘See the Future,’ much like ‘Knothole Island’ before it, brings free items to all Fable II owners; including Welley’s soldier helmet, new hairstyles, “psycho Jester make-up”, a new expression and a back flip trick for your dog. If it’s still alive… *sniff*