Silent Hill: Shattered Memories announced for PS2, PSP

Last week Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was announced for the Wii as a reimagining of the original Silent Hill game. Today Konami announced Shattered Memories will also be making its rounds on the PS2 and PSP in the Fall of 2009. All versions of the game will be similar to each other with the exception of controls. The Wii remote and nunchuk will serve as a cell phone and torch for Harry Mason (above) as he looks for clues. The torch obviously lets us see in the dark, but the phone contains a GPS unit and a camera.

Most interestingly is the psyche profile system that keeps track of how the character reacts to locations, items and people. Harry’s reaction to things will change depending on the order in which we discover them. It sounds as though Shattered Memories is looking to create an experience that is never the same to two players.