Best story EVAR will be in a game, so sayeth Molyneux

Peter Molyneux, the head of Lionhead who created the Fable series, has said a lot of stuff in his time. Mostly it’s a bunch of hype that doesn’t spark conversation beyond “Fable iz best games ever!” or “Gay!” However, he’s dropped an actual interesting little snippet here about how he believes that the greatest story ever told will be in a videogame.

“The greatest story ever told? I think it’s going to be in a computer game,” Molyneux said during a recent chat. “And I think that if I play the greatest story ever told in the same game as you play it, your greatest story is going to be different to my greatest story. And that is power.”

“That ambition to do that, to write that story, or to write that game that allows you to experience that story, is definitely something Lionhead Studios wants to do.”

Of course Molyneux is slightly hinting at Fable being the greatest story ever told, but the idea behind that is immensely interesting. In a game the story does depend on the player and thus the story is different every time. It’s a logical argument then that games do offer up the best opportunity to tell the greatest story ever told because that is a totally subjective ideal and games are the only ones capable of delivering a truly personal story thanks to their interactivity. However, games are also limited by their gameplay. A game’s story must be structured around its interface (at the moment) and thus story gets caught up in function, which is not so much the case with other mediums where the story can drive the production. I doubt there is a real answer here, or at least not one I can derive in a couple paragraphs, but it does raise some immensely interesting ideas.