Prepare for the hunt

The above trailer, while informative and humorous, is another prime example of how the media is trying to scare us. Then again, I suppose a monster invasion is something worth hearing about and preparing for. We intend on stocking up on beer and PSPs as Japan’s best selling game of 2008 makes its way to PAL territories and North America.

We’re talking about Monster Hunter Freedom Unite or Monster Hunter Portable G2 as it’s called in Japan. Freedom Unite is an upgraded version of Monster Hunter Freedom 2, just a lot better with new weapon/armor upgrades, monsters, hunts and more. With 500 hours of gameplay and over 400 missions it will be the biggest Monster Hunter yet. Gamers can take their existing Freedom 2 save file and import it to Freedom Unite. It also features better load times now that the game can be saved onto a memory stick and then loaded from the memory card and UMD at the same time. Also new to the series is an AI Felyne companion that will quest with players and help hunt and gather extra resources, which is great to have on a single-player campaign from a game that’s all about hunting in groups. This companion is fully customizable and can even be shared with other players via Ad-Hoc.

Previous Monster Hunter titles have done well worldwide with over 8 million sales, so we know this is going to do well. Will it do well enough to form retreats or events for over 5,000 people? We’re not sure, but we’re eager to get our hands on Freedom Unite as well Monster Hunter 3 for the Wii. Either way, it’s time to get prepared for the monsters, or suffer some annoying fake reporter chase you with a puppet.