Wonder King trailer to make you as curious as we are

I mentioned this game briefly in my GDC debrief for Day 4. It’s called Wonder King, it’s developed by SBSi, and it’s being brought upon the world by NDoors Interactive. The basic setup: a 2D side-scrolling MMORPG. Beyond that, little much is known about the game. They did boast that it will be easy to branch one class of character into the specialties of other classes… so there’s that. If you can speak and read Korean, it looks like you can play the game now. The concept is intriguing if nothing else. Unfortunately, there is not even a release window for us to know about, but the official English page does have a spot to enter your email to apply for the beta. Oh, also, this game will be completely free to play barring some of those microtransaction things that we hear more and more about these days.

Interesting side note: it looks like this isn’t the first 2D side scrolling MMORPG. Another one’s around known as Maple Story, which is free to play as well. Might be worth a look, but who knows if it will play the same. I’m still wrapping my head around competing games in such a specific genre. I mean… that’s weird, right?