Bungie pimps the Mythic Map Pack

You know what’s good. New content. You know what’s even better? New content on a game that everyone likes to play (come on, you know Halo multiplayer is fun no matter how much you want to hate). This means that Bungie’s new Mythic Map Pack is going to be doubley good when it launches in two days because it fits both categories. To demonstrate the sweet goodness Bungie put together the above vid for all to see.

The map pack comes with some pretty sweet stuff inside. First off is the massively massive, three tiered Sanbox, which looks like it is going to be Forge lovers wet dream come true and a prefect arena for Griff Ball. Second comes Assembly for a more closed in space (my fave) and finally Orbital will round everything off. In order to completely and totally dominate your Xbox for as much time as possible, Bungie has also released the Mythic Map Pack theme for the 360 (250 MS Points), which you can check out below.