Nintendo to offer video on the go

Xbox Live has Netflix, PS3 has PSN with movies that can be transferred on the PSP but what of poor Nintendo? The most popular consoles right now happen to be made by Nintendo and yet it doesn’t offer some features that make the more powerful consoles more desirable. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is looking to change that by speaking about the possibility of a video service on the Wii that can be transferred to the DS.

“If the Wii and the DS are connected, it should be possible to download video through the Wii and take it with you on the DS. When the service begins, you’ll see how we’re going to do it differently in a Nintendo-like way. There are a lot of on-demand video services, so there’s no reason to do the same thing, so we’re going to do something different,” Iwata told The Wall Street Journal in an interview.

The interesting thing is how Iwata said “When the service begins” as opposed to if the service were to begin. That suggests the service is definitely coming though it will be tested in Japan first before going international. No one knows when initial testing will be done or how much the service will cost.