Puzzle Quest: Galactrix and Flock! beam down to XBLA

Just a reminder for the forgetful: Flock! and Puzzle Quest: Gallactrix are now available to download from Xbox LIVE Arcade. Released as part of Microsoft’s ‘Days of Arcade’ promotion, these titles will set you back a not insignificant 1600 and 1200 Microsoft Points respectively.

Another reminder for the extra forgetful: Flock! is Capcom’s UFO wrangle-’em-up, in which you use your UFO to herd assorted animals back to your mothership aka the motherflocker. Puzzle Quest: Galactrix on the other hand is the RPG/puzzler sequel to Challenge of the Warlords – which if it shares any qualities with its older brother may well just steal away great big chunks of your life.

Final reminder for the ultra forgetful: You owe me $40. You don’t remember? Tell you what, just call it 2800 Microsoft Points and we’ll call it a day. Thanks!