Rock Band PSP dated, screens

When Sony was bragging all about how the PSP was so much more adult than the DSi they mentioned the forthcoming Rock Band Unplugged as one of those advantages, seeming to forget that the DS had two versions of Guitar Hero out for it. Still, maybe it is a valid argument since the DSi can’t play those games thanks to its lack of a GBA slot. So as of June 9 the PSP will be the only system with a rhythm game music game game like this under one of the major labels.

Since the PSP lacks a place for a peripheral and doesn’t have a touch screen for tapping, Rock Band Unplugged will make “your fingers the peripheral” and allow players to tackle voice, bass, guitar and drums. It sounds like a rhythm game with button presses, which will probably be very well designed and all, but doesn’t get me too excited. There’s no mention of multiplayer, but the game will feature the PSP’s first fully integrated in-game DLC store, making new content easy to download.

The game will feature 40 master tracks with nine never before released tracks that will eventually be coming to consoles as well. It will also offer up the standard modes that Rock Band is known for like World Tour, Band Survival and Warm Up. In total the game should cost you $39.99. Yea, 40 bucks for a game where you watch a band stand on stage and press buttons. I love my PSP and all, but thanks to Guitar Hero: On Tour, Elite Beat Agents and now Rhytm Heaven I have to say this sounds a little lackluster.