UK man finds E in his GTA game, forgets to party

Buying a used videogame is a lot like renting a car. Sometimes you find really interesting things like a home made rap CD in the stereo or in this case, a hit of Ecstasy in your Grand Theft Auto manual. It’s not every day that a party drug drops out of your videogame box.

Richard Thornhill of Gloucestershire, England explains the ordeal, “When I opened the box up, the cling film wrap fell out. I could not believe it, I have two children and my son plays Xbox all the time. He could easily have opened the box and found them. I dread to think what the consequences would have been if he had. He is only 12. He could have died.”

We’re not making this up, we promise. The sheer irony of the entire situation is comical by nature. This man was buying a videogame full of killing, drugs and criminal activity and a simple party drug falls out of its container suddenly changes everything. Our only question to Mr Thornhill is, when is the rave and who will you have spinning? Someone drop a beat!