Valkyria Chronicles DLC brings a couple new missions

Valkyria Chronicles was one of the gems that was lost in the barrage of games that were released in late 2008. If being able to pick up this game for $30 at Gamestop wasn’t enough incentive, perhaps the incoming downloadable content will sweeten the deal. On April 16 Sega will release DLC that contains a Hard EX Mode, Edy’s Mission “Enter the Edy Detachment” and Selvaria’s Mission “Behind Her Blue Flame” for £3.19 or €3.99 (roughly $5) each.

The Hard EX Mode has us going through the game with stronger enemies and without the main tank Edelweiss. It’ll take some serious finesse to get through this mode unscathed. Edy’s Mission features Edy and five other members from Squad 7 helping out a village that’s being attacked by the Imperial Army. Selvaria’s Mission puts us in control of the enemy engineer Johann in Selvaria’s squad. We finally get to see what it’s like to wage war from the enemy’s point of view.