Bionic Commando viral videos coming to the interwebs

Presumably sometime before Bionic Commando‘s May 19 release, the interwebs should be flooded with Capcom-produced viral videos casting Nathan “Radd” Spencer and his mechanical appendage in a variety of unsuitable professions, including paperboy, office worker and proctologist. Bionic proctologist.

Our good friend over at Superannuation got his hands on the casting call sheet for “Capcom Viral,” a series of retro spots portraying the horror and heartbreak of performing mundane tasks with a massive bionic arm.

Creative Producer: Dan C. Reiley
Loose World / Waverly Films
Casting Director: Lauren Charkow
Interview: THURSDAY 4/1/2009
Shoot: MONDAY 4/6/2009
Location: NYC

Hilarious quick viral internet spots with a retro 80s vibe.


MALE 20s/30s- Tall, Muscular, Action Hero Type. Shoulder length brown hair preferred. Should have a “Bad Ass” demeanor. Comedy training a plus. Main Character of the forthcoming video game, who will be the Lead Role in the Viral Promos. RAD is an action hero with a Bionic Arm. In the line of duty the arm makes him an unstoppable force, but in his mundane day jobs the arm is more of a hindrance.

FEMALE 20s/30s- A beautiful girl next door who is devastated that her precious cat is stuck high up in a tree. Her only hope is the Bionic Fireman, but this Bionic grip is a little stronger that he realizes. Comedy training a plus.

MALE 20s-40s- Generic, everyday office worker. Should exude middle management. Think Michael from the Office. Comedy experience a plus. A Yuppie office drone that gets way too excited over closing deals and shuffling papers. This over excitement turns problematic when he enthusiastically high-fives the new guy, the Bionic Commando.

MALE 40s-50s – Grumpy, older man who looks like he may have once been an Action Hero. Large, muscular build. Comedy background a plus. RAD is an action hero with a Bionic Arm who has since retired from battling villains and holds a job in the medical field. In the line of duty the arm made him an unstoppable force, but now in his mundane day job as a Proctologist the arm is more of a hindrance.

FEMALE 60s-80s – An adorable older woman who is capable of executing a fake fall on camera. Comedy background a plus. A sweet old lady who enjoys a simple morning routine of brewing a cup of coffee, letting the dogs out, and going to get the paper from the front porch. However, on this day her routine is interrupted by the new paperboy, the Bionic Commando, who knocks her out with a projectile newspaper.