Crysis Wars free for 8 days, Crysis Maximum Edition details

EA and Crytek are once again offering Crysis Wars — the multiplayer component of last year’s Crysis Warhead — free for 8 days. From today until next Friday April 17 all players have to do is go along to to MyCrysis, register and download the trial. Easy.

The free trial includes access to the entire game: 3 game modes — InstantAction (nanosuit-flavoured deathmatch), PowerStruggle (hardcore team mode) and TeamInstantAction (team deathmatch), 23 official maps and all the user-generated maps too. Not bad for free, eh?

Of course, should you want to continue playing beyond April 17 then EA and Crytek wouldn’t mind if you invested in the newly-announced Crysis Maximum Edition, a compilation of all three Crysis games in one box (Crysis, Crysis Warhead and Crysis Wars). Maximum Edition is available from May 5 at retail and at EA’s webstore. The “ultimate Crysis experience” is priced at £29.99 (UK) or $39.99 (US).

Also available now is Crytek’s MOD SDK editor tool, which allows gamers to design maps and mods for Crysis Wars both multiplayer and single-player.