Dead Space Extraction is a guided first-person experience

I guess on-rails shooter is so out of vogue these days, the new buzz term is guided first-person experience. I also guess if you’re reinventing the genre like EA says they want to with Dead Space Extraction you don’t want people reminded of the campy style of Virtua Cop. That aside, the above video contains some footage of the upcoming Wii game along with a little insight into how the game is coming along. Turns out they’ve been working on it for over a year and it’ll be getting to us by Fall of this year.

Looking at the gameplay the graphics actually look pretty solid and are definitely above par in terms of “guided first-person experiences” on the Wii. It also seems that they’re putting some solid effort into this iteration. I’m especially glad to see dismemberment still being a key factor in the gameplay and of course the slow motion effects returning. Could it be that EA will make a rail game have depth or are we just looking at another fun little excursion?