Defend your Beaver

OK, so you’re actually defending against the beaver invasion… wait, that sounds pretty good, which is in itself good because that’s exactly what players will be doing when Robocalypse – Beaver Defense wages WiiWare war this summer.

Vogster Entertainment’s mad robot RTS Robocalypse has already made its successful debut on the DS, and as the series jumps platforms it will also jump genres, bringing its unique brand of twisted to the “tower defense” game. Beaver Defense will feature upgradeable skills, weapons, hero units and defenses as wave after wave of evil beavers attack. Players control stationary and mobile forces to really stick it to the beavers — give them a right pounding. If that wasn’t enough, up to four players can get in on this action.

Like many war games featuring crazily outfitted robots, furry woodland critters or slimy annelids, the humor is easily half the fun. To pull off the proper tongue-in-cheek laughs Vogster has enlisted the talent of Jay Lender (Spongebob Squarepants) and Micah Wright (Destroy All Humans: Big Willy Unleashed and Path of the Furon) to pen the story. So, needless to say, we are very eager for the beaver.