New LittleBigPlanet DLC to keep us creating through April and into May

Are you still feverishly designing new ways to make your Sackboy incredibly adorable and then placing him in worlds geared around crushing his cute little face by slamming him into a wall? Then you are in luck because Media Molecule is all about giving you brand new ways to do this with a whole boatload of free (and not free) DLC of the next month or so. It’s not just new costumes coming either, it’s patches for the gameplay and new stuff to help you design levels.

For instance the lack of Egyptian stylings in the game is absolutely an insult to the proud tradition of Egyptian stylings in videogames. Problem solved with new Egyptian outfits for everyone’s Sackboy. A little less important than outfitting everything in Egyptian stylings is the Creator Pack 1, which is a set of tools to help all creators create better. That one should make for some very cool new levels. The full list is below.

April 16th

Monkey King Costume: FREE

1.12 “Cornish Yarg” update: FREE
This update addresses several outstanding issues with the game:

  • There is a new music player which lets players choose their own music from the XMB to play during create mode and in their Pod
  • Improved decoration mode makes it easier to customise your Sackboy
  • Option to delete all (unhearted) community objects and photos
  • Option to select whether to automatically collect community prizes and photos
  • A number of improvements have been made to make profiles more robust and to recover from certain errors
  • We now support Japanese and Korean IME for text chat.
  • Emitter prediction has been improved (this should help fast-moving projectiles e.g. in MGS levels)
  • The player proximity switch now has a ‘require all’ option in it
  • An option has been added to cycle between various level information when viewing community levels on the earth
  • Various LittleBigStore improvements

April 23rd

Creator Pack 1: FREE (provisional)
A collection of new tools and functions to help aspiring creators:

  • Infinite lives checkpoint
  • Visibility tweak option on certain joint objects (to hide these in Play mode)
  • Global settings object (to trigger lighting changes)
  • Tetherless jetpack
  • Angle range proximity switch (additional functionality on proximity and magnetic key switches)

Heavenly Sword Mini-Pack: $2.99

  • Nariko costume : Nariko sword, wig, dress
  • Kai costume : Kai hat and hair, dress, gloves, boots, skin
  • 27 Heavenly Sword theme stickers

April 30th

Egyptian Mythology Mini-Pack: $2.99

Inspired by Egyptian mythology this pack has costumes for Anubis and Sekhmet along with 10 theme stickers to help you add some Egyptian flavour to your levels. Contains:

  • Anubis costume: Anubis mask, Anubis robes
  • Sekhmet costume: Sekhmet mask, Sekhmet robes
  • 10 Egyptian theme stickers

May 7th

Norse Mythology Mini-Pack: $2.99
Continuing our mythological theme this pack contains Thor and Valkyrie costumes and Norse themed stickers.

  • Thor costume: Thor’s helmet, beard, belt and wristguards, legs, Thor’s Hammer
  • Valkyrie costume: Valkyrie helmet and braids, Valkyrie jerkin and cape, Valkyrie boots
  • 10 Norse theme stickers