The 50 best selling games of the decade so far are…

So you might not be able to guess all of the top 50 games out there, but I bet you can guess which company has the most in the top ten. I’ll give you three guesses and if you don’t get it on the first one I’m leaving.

No, it is not Midway. It is Nintendo. As VGChartz is reporting, Wii Sports is the top selling game of the decade, which, if you think about it, is almost over (God, time flies). However, Wii Sports doesn’t really count since it was bundled with the fastest selling system ever. Neither does the second place game, Wii Play. Third place goes to the non-bundled (unless you got a special edition DS) Nintendogs. So bravo to that for being the true number one. One has to go all the way down to the sixth slot to find a non Nintendo game in the form of GTA: San Andreas for the PS2.

As if that weren’t enough, Nintendo has a whopping 31 titles in the top 50 and they’re not just on the Wii. For a company that was pretty much the red headed step child of the gaming industry until the Wii exploded these numbers are impressive. The GBA, DS, GC and Wii all make appearances. Looks like that while the support wasn’t always there for Nintendo they were still producing hits. VGChartz says that there is not likely going to be change in the chart once the decade closes as the only true possible contender to shake things up is the still-selling World at War.