The Conduit trailer sees all, including new screens

Throughout our close watch on The Conduit there has been one thing that’s been a bit troubling to us. The action and shooting is a blast, the graphics keep looking better and it actually having a publisher is fantastic. However, the All Seeing Eye mechanic is something that could go many ways. Actually, only two: good or bad. The A.S.E., as the game dubs it, is an alien device that uncovers hidden things and evidently can be used as a weapon if the end of the trailer is any hint.

The few puzzles we’ve used it on seemed a bit iffy, but from the looks of it there seems to have been plenty of development with how the device is used. It could just be incredibly cheesy “find the invisible thingy puzzles,” but knowing the time and effort High Voltage has dumped into this thing I’m guessing we’ll be seeing a whole lot more out of this eye… get it? Seeing? Eye? Sooo funny.