Wii Sports Resort coming in July

Early this morning Nintendo Satoru Iwata announced the successor to the questionable highest selling game of the decade Wii Sports Resort, will be on store shelves in June in Japan, followed by international countries in July. Wii Sports Resort will also mark the release of the long awaited Wii MotionPlus. Iwata mentioned that demand for the Wii in Japan has slowed down and is in the most unhealthy situation since it was launched. It’s hoped that Wii Sports Resort will boost sales of the Wii once more.

We first saw Wii Sports Resort in action at E3 2008 in which the Nintendo brass played a jousting game, threw a Frisbee at a dog and did some jet skiing. Wii Motion Plus makes our wagging gestures much more realistic and responsive than what we have now. Nintendo has yet to reveal a price for Wii Motion Plus.