Borderlands’ new look is definitely a looker

Yesterday word was whipping around the web that the PC, 360 and PS3 game Borderlands was getting a new look from what was originally shown long ago when the game was first announced. The look was cel-shaded, but the developers denied it saying that the game was not going be a cel-shaded affair. Judging from the above image they were absolutely right, that doesn’t look like cell shading that looks like someone is going to be hand drawing every second of your game.

PC Gamer, from which the above image is from the cover of, says that that is an in-game image. Yes, in-game. If you weren’t paying attention to the game before you sure as hell must be paying attention to it now. For those unenlightened, Borderlands is a futuristic FPS with RPG elements rolled in. Games in that genre aren’t too far between, but if this is how good it’s going to look then it will definitely be somewhere at the top of the heap.