Let’s take a peak at BioShock 2, shall we

We told you it was coming, but it was pretty late at night when it did so we’re guessing that a few people missed it cause they were too tired. Wusses. Lucky for you we’re real men here who don’t need sleep and work 24/7 at doing manly things like watching game trailers for upcoming videogames and then bench pressing entire elephants while drinky whisky and watching American Football. Trust us it doesn’t get more manly than that and it doesn’t get much more awesome than the new BioShock 2 trailer.

In it we get the to see the quick moving Big Sister who looks like she would have been a whole lot harder to handle than the Big Daddies in the first game. Quick, nimble and able to flood rapture in a single bound, why do we need the first Big Daddy around anyway? The dual wielding of plasmids and weapons also looks very cool, but killing and enemies isn’t what we come to BioShock for. The story better be there too or there is going to be hell to pay.