More Punch-Out!! for your viewing pleasure

GameTrailers TV was like a mecha of awesome vids last night, and in an immensely surprisng move it covered all three systems. We’ve already seen BioShock 2 and learned of the wonders of Killzone 2 DLC, so that covers the 360 and PS3, but what about the Wii? More Punch-Out!! that’s what. In the above vid we get a look at plenty of gameplay and the all-new Giga Mac who shows up in head-to-head mode. He appears to be a super-powered version of Little Mac that players can use once their power-bar is full or something of that ilk.

Could be fun, could be dumb. What’s truly exciting about the vid though is confirmation that Little Mac still wears a pink sweat pants and hoody combination while running. I’m pretty sure just the sight of that made me about ten to a hundred times more excited for the game. I know it’s not cool to be all giddy about my retro loves, but I don’t care about being cool. If Tommy’s GDC hands-on of the game is any indication no one should.