One-man 3D Link’s Awakening project underway

Remember The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening? Released on Game Boy in 1993, Link’s first portable adventure proved that the Zelda franchise could send gamers on an epic adventure without the benefit of state of the art hardware. Five years later, the game was re-released as a “deluxe” color edition for Nintendo’s newest handheld, the Game Boy Color.

Now someone has really upped the ante. A very ambitious independent developer known only as “Bocophobic” is attempting to remake Link’s Awakening entirely in three dimensions. And this isn’t just a visual makeover. Bocophobic plans on adding new features such as the ability to swim (but not dive) without acquiring the flippers and the use of Bow Wow (think chain chomp from Mario) as a weapon.

The screenshots so far look promising and there’s even voice recording being done for Link’s battle grunts. Just don’t let the HUD fool you. I don’t think this one is coming to Wii any time… ever.