Giveaway / Melee for Zeno Clash

Hitting people in the face is fun. Well not in real life — you can seriously hurt your hand that way — but in videogames it is. I think we all know the first time we meleed someone in Halo with the butt of a pistol was a time that changed our lives forever. In Zeno Clash punching people in the face happens more than shooting them. It’s a hand-to-hand combat game in first person, and thus the melee is king.

In the spirit of this we want to know what your favorite videogame melee weapon of all time is. Fill us in and you could win a free copy of Zeno Clash for your very self and start meleeing the hours away on your own. We have five Steam keys to give away, so tell us what melee weapon you have always loved to beat fo0ls down with in the comments below and win one of them.

Giveaway has ended, the winners contacted.