Red Fly plays to Wii’s strenghts with Ghostbuster’s gear

As we made clear in our hands-on account of Ghostbusters: The Video Game, the Xbox 360 and PS3 build beats the sprites out of the Wii visually. Everything is stunning from the environments and enemies right down to the blinking meters on the proton pack. However, the Wii is not without its charms and Red Fly Studios has played into those strengths, as Director of Production Jeff Mills touts in a new developer diary/fact sheet thingie the company has sent out.

First are the standard fare that no true Ghostbuster is ever without–the proton pack, trap, PKE meter and Para-Goggles. The proton pack is controlled by pointing the Wiimote and moving an on-screen targeting reticule. We’ve already talked about wrangling ghosts with the pack and how much fun we had flicking the Wiimote this way and that, bashing ghosts against bookshelves and more to wear them down. However the proton pack has a new trick called the boson dart. The boson dart sends what is essentially a miniature sun through the beam. This powerful dart can sap a ghost of all its energy in just one or two shots, but it drains the pack quickly too. Use with caution, or say to hell with it and cross the streams the first chance you get. There should be funny ways to die at least.

The upgraded proton pack also has a slime launching mode like in the second movie, but it sounds like it can be switched on the fly as opposed to a separate pack. The slime is positively charged and can wear down negatively charged enemies, clean up negative slime and even slime useful objects. Once an object has been slimed, the standard proton beam can be used to wrangle it like a ghost and placed wherever needed. Held objects can also be shot by the boson dart for a makeshift missile capable of being launched across the environment. The slime mode can also be used to create a slime mine, which can dowse an entire room and clean it of any negative slime protecting enemies or blocking paths. Expect many puzzles to demand these skills.

The trap hasn’t changed much, though now it opens automatically when a ghost is held above it. The PKE meter shows paranormal activity and proximity helping in tracking ghosts. The Para-Goggles are also a great ghost tracking tool. When the player puts them on they enter into a first-person mode and can see into the spirit world. Some hints as well as ectoplasmic residue can only be discovered using the Para-Goggles.

One of the new weapons players get to try out (because Egon doesn’t want to be the one holding it should it explode or anything) is the Stasis Beam. This is crowd control, enabling players to briefly halt all ghosts so they can focus on one threat at a time. This weapon also has an upgrade called the Shock Blast, which sends a concentrated blast which will knock back ghosts and destroy parts of the environment. Destroying smaller parts of the environment is a good strategy to get rid of things phantoms will possess and throw at the Ghostbusters. Its even powerful enough to vaporize all the smaller wisps (smaller non-trappable monsters) in the area.

We’re sure there are more surprises in store and other dangerous toys to try out in the game. Exploding into a messy glob isn’t going to deter us though. When the Ghostbusters are hiring, we’re there.