Aeria Games will give you a refund if you’re not satisfied

Perhaps you’ve heard of Aeria Games. Perhaps, you’ve also played their games like Shaiya, Last Chaos, Project Torque or Megaten. Aeria is all about the free-to-play model for their online games and if you want to get a certain item, there’s room for micro-transactions as well.

Well, April is fun month at Aeria and to make sure you experience it, they want to let everyone know that fun is, in fact, guaranteed and if you don’t have fun in fun month, then expect a refund of Aeria Points, the type of currency (which is converted from your real money) used to purchase items from their store. Described in a news post from the Aeria forums, “We are so sure you will have fun we are going to put our AP where our mouth is. If any player does not have fun we will refund all their AP purchases for the entire month up to 5000AP.” It’s not very often that studios actually offer refunds to their players in exchange for not having fun but hey, it’s the thought.