The making of Jumpgate Evolution

Despite the initial awkwardness of this video, where it seems this developer has never heard of EVE Online or is purposely pretending not to know about it (until he takes a side jab at EVE‘s tutorial, though not by name) we get an introduction to the next big space MMO: Jumpgate Evolution or: the more accessible space MMO.

The features of the game could have been described better, but the gist of the thing is this: Evolution is trying to provide a space combat MMO that is accessible to more casual gamers, and people who found certain features of EVE off putting (and also scales to less powerful PCs). It shares many similarities with EVE in look and feel and has a player driven economy with quests to take and skills to learn. However, the combat is more hands on, in that you actually shoot and fly by hand. In addition, the video talks about taking on large bosses with friends ala WoW, which was something I never got to do in EVE since their core gameplay seems to be more about PVP. PVP is certainly present in Evolution, as I am sure is the ability to be a lone wolf and just go quest. If you don’t have the time to wait for skills to come to you, or work your way up a giant Corp in EVE, maybe Evolution will be for you.

Fans of Tie Fighter rejoice!

Jumpgate Evolution is developed by NetDevil and should see release June 2009 for PC.