You should download Cortex Command

Why should you download Cortex Command to your PC even if it’s not a high end polygon pusher? Because it’s a game full of absolute chaos and ridiculous physics that no one, not no one should pass up the opportunity to play. Well what is it then? Visually it looks like an old Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis game, but that is just what it looks like. It’s actually a fairly sophisticated game with loads of physics and full out destruction. Oh and apparently it won some fancy awards too.

The premise is you’re a disembodied brain with the power to control nearby units to do your bidding and send out the units to do certain tasks. The game has some shooter elements and some RTS elements. You have an “order” menu where you buy new units and loads of other things like missiles and weapons. In order to get the money to buy off of the menu you send out some of your units to dig and mine for valuable minerals. The campaigns give you a task to complete and you get to choose how and what tools you use to complete it. The quality of indie games keeps impressing us and this is one of them that is a must try for anyone.