You want to know more about this Zelda remake

Yesterday we hooked you up with some info on an independent developer’s effort to recreate the Game Boy classic The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening in three dimensions. Today, we’ve got even more details thanks to developer Jerrel’s new blog that he will be updating as the project continues to grow.

First off, this new project will be named The Legend of Zelda: Ballad of the Wind Fish after a major plot point in Link’s quest. Other changes from the old formula, besides the extra dimension, include new items like the Ocean Rod, which can be used as a magic weapon or in combination with Roc’s Feather to shoot Link high into the air.

I’m curious to see if jumping with Roc’s Feather or the new Ocean Rod will play a bigger part in Wind Fish than it did in the two dimensional Link’s Awakening. Now, instead of just having small gaps to leap over on the horizontal plane, perhaps Link will have to leap to ledges above him, creating new platforming challenges. I’m also curious how Jerrel will handle the side-scrolling Mario-style passages that Link’s Awakening used to throw a monkey wrench in the classic Zelda design. These passages provided a distraction from the typical top-down puzzle solving that we’ve come to expect from 2-D Zelda. Is Jerrel going to keep these parts in 2-D or remake them as well?

Another feature of Wind Fish is the combination of items beyond that which was possible in the Game Boy adventure. According to Jerrel, you will be able to combine Magic Powder and the Boomerang for a special magical attack. Also, the bomb-and-arrow combination that was just for fun in Link’s Awakening will now have more practical uses.

We’re excited to see how this project turns out and we’ll keep you posted on any major developments. In the mean time, you can check out Jerrel’s blog for updates.