Final Fantasy VII comes to PS1 Classics… in Japan

If you want to play the classic Final Fantasy VII on your PS3 without purchasing an old PS1 disc you now can. That is if you a) have a Japanese PSN account and b) can read Japanese. The game was released onto the Games Archive service to celebrate the release of Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete next week, which also brings with the much anticipated Final Fantasy XIII demo with it. Sadly but unsurprisingly, there wasn’t much talk of the game hitting other regions.

Despite being the international version, which features the additional improvements made to the game between releasing in Japan and America, there isn’t any English text in the game. Priced at 1,500 yen, it’s not exactly the big remake many had hoped for, but it might satisfy a few gamers until an English version reaches the other regions, or god willing, a remake is announced.