Killzone 2 DLC footage

Gametrailers gives us an even closer look at the two new Killzone 2 maps heading to the PlayStation Store later this month after announcing them two days ago. The first, “Wasteland Bullet,” shows off gameplay from the map using the Helghast trains, featured in the Tharsis Refinery level of the single-player campaign. The environmental hazards seem to be the more intriguing twist to this map, and train hopping looks to be a pretty tricky affair. This one is definitely set to be the more chaotic of the two maps.

The Vektan Cruiser “The New Sun” is the next map, which focuses on having a vertical play style, and starts out with a slower pace. It seems that it could have a more tactical element to it. It’s taken (obviously) from The Cruiser level of the game, keeping players on their toes by making them constantly check above and below for Helghast (or ISA) scum which should make for some tense run n’ gunning. Both maps are up to the usual visual standard of Killzone 2. They should be hitting April 30th.