Fallout 3 goes green courtesy of new mod

If you thought Fallout 3‘s irradiated wasteland was way too monocromatic, you’re going to love the new “Greenworld” mod, which covers the blighted Washington D.C. landscape in a lush carpet of greenery, just in time for spring!

Created by a modder named Khyrin, the recently released PC-only patch is being used to support detractor’s claims that Fallout 3 is just a gun-equipped version of Oblivion, as both Bethesda-branded games were built on the same graphics engine. We think that’s like complaining that your magical unicorn is too magical. Poppycock! But even if you find the newly viridian-hued landscape eerily familiar, rest assured that the gameplay is still pure post-apocalyptic mayhem. With guns. Lots and lots of guns.