Get cooperative with GRAW2

If you haven’t had enough of tactical soldiering in your diet recently then don’t forget that this week’s deal of the week on Xbox Live is the second co-op collection for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. Originally released back in March 2008, the action in this collection mostly takes place in reimagined fan favorite locations from the very first Ghost Recon game, locations like Ghost Town and Riverbed, both among the most glorious and frequently played multiplayer maps in the game. The collection’s price of 320 MS Points, down from the usual 400, shouldn’t scare the tactically minded too badly either.

As to the franchise’s future, there’s been some chatter that Ubisoft should be announcing the next game in the series any time now, along with the next Rainbow Six title. Since Ubisoft is skipping Ubidays this year, maybe E3’s the place? Place your bets.