Punch Out!! your savings account with this Little Mac signed boxing glove

If you thought the Punch-Out!! Heavyweight Contender Kit was an exhorbant waste of your hard earned cash, Amazon has dreamed up another marketing tie-in that will surely tickle your fight night-loving fancy – this glass encased boxing glove signed by fictional Punch-Out!! fighter, Little Mac!

Why pay $35 for some videogame character’s underwear when you could pay $90 for a videogame character’s left-handed boxing glove, which also comes sans an actual copy of the game. This “limited edition” replica of one of Little Mac’s trademark green gloves, personally autographed by some poor child in a Malaysian sweat shop, arrives mounted on a 15” x 11” wood frame and features an “engraved plate donning the Punch-Out!! logo.” Allow us to once again stress that this Punch Out!! Little Mac Boxing Glove, which releases the same day as Punch Out!! the game, DOES NOT INCLUDE A COPY OF THE GAME.

You’d have to be incredibly stupid, and ridiculously rich, to purchase this latest bit of Punch-Out!! swag. As a product, this is pointless. But if this is as we suspect actually some new breed of viral marketing, then congrats to Nintendo for drumming up loads of incredulous press coverage.