Amazon ain’t afraid of no collector’s edition

Having a collector’s edition for every major game release is everything but a law these days. It’s no surprise that the upcoming Ghostbusters game will also have a special collector’s edition from Amazon. The Slimer Edition will cost us a whopping $129.99 for the Xbox 360 or PS3 version which is like buying the game twice and stopping for gas on the way home. Wii owners will only have to pay $109. It does come with some pretty cool items such as a Slimer bust, created by the movie’s original sculptor, and Ghostbusters console skins. The list below details everything that will come included in the Slimer Edition.

  • An exclusive Slimer bust designed and created by the original movie sculptor, Steve Johnson. Comes complete with a certificate of authenticity signed by the sculptor himself.
  • Exclusive Ghostbusters Minimates. Only be available with the Slimer Edition.
  • Exclusive Ghostbusters Gamer Graffix Console Skins.
  • Exclusive Ecto 1 Key Chain with lights and sound.

The game will be released on June 16 in North America and June 19 in Europe.