Bethesda: Lesson learned about The Pitt, DLC size

Pete Hines says Bethesda have learned their lesson following the botched release of Fallout 3 DLC, ‘The Pitt.’ Speaking to, the Bethesda marketing and PR vice-president said that despite the unlucky nature of the problem, the devs were working to avoid a recurrence.

“It’s one of those things where we prefer with ‘The Pitt’ never happened,” said Hines, with scant regard for grammar. “But in the context of all the DLC we ever put out – keep in mind all the times we put out DLC for Oblivion and never once had a corrupted file issue – it was just kind of a flukey, one-time version of this thing.”

He continued, “But lesson learned. We’re not going to say, “Oh, it’s a fluke and we don’t have to do anything different.” We have looked to see if there are additional improvements that can be made. We put out enough [DLC] that we’ve gotten pretty good at the process.”

The interview comes hot on the heels of Hine’s statement last week that Bethesda have settled on an acceptable model when it comes to future DLC. While the company have previously released DLC in every flavour from decorative items (horse armor) to full-sized expansions (‘Shivering Isles’), the current trend of offering medium size content akin to Oblivion‘s ‘Knights of the Nine’ or Fallout 3‘s ‘Operation Anchorage’ and ‘The Pitt’ is seen as the way forward. “It’s substantive and it adds multiple hours of game play and new items, but we can do it in a time frame that allows us to get it out without waiting forever,” Hines told Gamasutra.