Braid getting update and added goodies

Perhaps one of our favorite games of all time, Braid, is getting an some changes, according to creator Jonathon Blow. After patching up a few things to fix the “problems some people are having,” Blow says he will release a new version of the time altering platformer. The most impressive thing about this updated version is the addition of a map editor that will allow players to make their own levels and the ability to import Photoshop files to change the graphics of the levels. “When more people have played/finished the game, I am going to post some documentation for the editor,” states the creator, which cannot be too long as we suspect there are very few people who have not finished this wonderful piece of gameplay art.

No word on whether the additions will be released on the PC or Xbox 360 versions, but we can only hope they hit both. Be on the look out for our Rocky Horror Picture Show Time Warp Dance tribute level.