Damnation has vertical levels and environments, did you know?

Verticality. That’s been the big buzzword for Damnation, aka the shooter gone vertical, ever since it was announced just about a year ago. Any time some new footage or info is released then odds are the words “vertical” and “verticality” will get thrown around quite a bit. With the new developer commentary video above, even more talk of verticality is exactly what we’re getting as lead game designer at developer Blue Omega, Jacob Minkoff, talks about how relatively small, 5-story levels, grew into massive 40-50 story ones, how getting from the bottom to the top can take a hefty thirty minutes, and how they couldn’t even use the usual top-down view level designers usually use to map out their levels.

The single-player campaign has left us hopeful in the past, but the game also has drop-in drop-out cooperative play as well as multiplayer with a.. gulp..”vertical twist” that we haven’t yet had the pleasure of sampling.

Truth be told, no matter how much they repeat it, this verticality business looks mighty interesting. Besides, horizontality is so last year anyway. But the fall is gonna be a bitch.

Damnation hits the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 22. For a closer look at the game, hit the gallery below where four new screenshots and a matching number of new artwork await.