Sony trademarks Starhawk and Dominion titles

Moments before GDC 09 got underway we learned that the former studio director of Incognito, Dylan Jobe, and other former employees were leaving to start their own company called Lightbox Interactive. Incognito is also responsible for the PS3 exclusive online game Warhawk and rumors suggested Jobe and his team are working on a follow up to Warhawk. Jobe even said his team has”some really exciting stuff in development that our Warhawk fans and new players will love.” Today we learned that SCEA has registered trademarks for the names Starhawk and Dominion.

Further information on these trademarks state Starhawk and Dominion are filed as “computer game software and videogame software and it’s operating a real-time game for others over a global and local area computer networks.” That certainly sounds like online games to us. And Starhawk sounds like Warhawk in space. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes.