Updated / Bayonetta presents its saucily-titled “first climax” trailer

Update 2: 10 spankin’ new screenshots have been released, too. Check the thumbs below or dive right into the gallery.
Replaced video with better quality, English one.

Now that we’ve talked about the release window of multi-platform bound Bayonetta, let’s talk about its gameplay trailer, saucily titled “First Climax.”

Here we have the titular pistol-heeled witch pumping hot leads into demonic angels, enjoying a lollipop while reenacting a scene from My Cousin Vinny, turning into a panther sporting immaculately manicured and laquered nails, and of course unleashing a series of devastating and delightful attacks in which her hair turns into a giant fist or angry bird.

Its concept is bizarre – an ebony-haired witch who uses her magical hair as both weapon and wardrobe – but in action, this frenetic, fantastic action title is shaping up to be every bit the spiritual successor Devil May Cry. With more nudity.