DreamCatcher resurrects Painkiller

Sometimes, after a hard day of writing about videogames and bumming money off our moms, we just want to collapse on the couch and unwind with a little mindless violence. DreamCatcher Games has answered our cries by announcing that Homegrown Games has started development of Painkiller: Resurrection, the sequel to the original heaven versus hell FPS Painkiller.

The story places the player as an ex CIA agent who, on a black ops mission, has completed his mission by eliminating his target, as well as a bunch of civilians and, unexpectedly, himself. He is now trapped in hostile purgatory between heaven and hell, being used by forces from both sides for their own needs. What those angels and demons are not aware of, however, is that the agent takes no crap from anyone and is going to turn their world upside down.

Painkiller: Resurrection will still run on the Painkiller engine, but “despite its age, the Painkiller engine is still amazing. It keeps consistently high frame rates even with reflections, occlusion, blur and HDR effects, much more than 600.000 polygones (just for the basic architecture), on maximum resolution and with dynamic shadow producing light sources,” says Johann Ertl, Head of Development at Homegrown Games. The Painkiller engine, now with added occlusion.

Painkiller: Resurrection is due out in the last quarter of 2009, in the meantime check out the first screens below.